What we do

Areas of Focus

  • Sustainable Enterprises Development
  • Health & Nutrition
  • ICT for Women Development
  • Leadership Development

1. Sustainable Enterprises Development


We believe in promoting food security at households’ level within and beyond the wetland communities while generating income through engaging in low-cost smart or urban farming technologies such as multi-storey, hanging gardens, hydroponics, fish farming technologies among others. Moreover, we undertake value addition through our Business brand ‘ Eco snacks” while producing snacks made of fish, sweet potato and cassava flour.

Green Energy Enterprises

Through the Smokeless Homes initiative, WISE enables rural households access to clean and affordable energy facilities for cooking, lighting and phone charging. Women work as solar lamp entrepreneurs and sell solar lamps and improved cook stoves on a rent to own model.

Ecotourism Enterprises

WISE endeavors for the inclusion of women into the business of ecotourism through various avenues including production of value added handmade crafts, nature photography and eco cultural tourism through cultural dances and traditional foodstuff.

2. Health and Nutrition

We promote preventive health care through health education on common health problems among women in the wetlands and Island villages such as menstrual hygiene management, sexual reproductive health, hand washing and child nutrition. This intervention is necessitated by the fact that unhealthy or hungry women in the community cannot be productive in the entrepreneurial activities.


3. ICT For Women Development

WISE believes that digital skills are basic fundamentals for survival in business in the current century. Therefore, we aim at mainstreaming the use of basic Information and Communication technologies among disadvantaged rural women in their various enterprises for communication, marketing and networking. The women are often trained on digital literacy and the use of various communication and social media tools for day-to-day communications with their peers and target clients as well for products marketing among others.

4. Leadership Development

We develop and nurture leadership skills among local women as well as young girls in schools and in the communities through trainings that aims at self esteem and confidence building, communication and public speaking, advocacy skills among others.