Girls Advocacy and Leadership Series, (GALs)

Women often lack the access, opportunity and support that men receive in the realm of economic development and leadership. Compared to the male rate of 7.9%, 15.3% of females in Kenya are unemployed (World Bank, 2016).

In Partnership with Women’s Campaign International, we launched the GALS program in 2018.

The GALS program equips teenage girls in high schools within the informal settlements bordering the Lake with the leadership skills, confidence¬†and connections¬†necessary to create true social change in their communities. Over the course of the program, participants are trained in: Public speaking; Financial literacy; Global women’s issues; Community advocacy; Digital Literacy; and Team building.

By teaching girls leadership skills, sexual health, basic financial literacy, and connecting them with successful women entrepreneurs through GALS and WISE-Kenya, together will encourage the economic independence and leadership of women in the Lake Victoria region.